Welcome to my web site! I wish I could greet you personally and offer a cup of tea and home made cookies. If you were here in my studio, I would. And we would be surrounded by large photographs celebrating natural beauty and human accomplishment. That's what I produce-- celebrations of life, love and passion. Please feel free to contact me and visit in person.

His Work

Self-employed producing portraits, landscapes and audio recordings worldwide.  Personal assignments have taken Denis to four continents through wilderness areas, ancient ceremonial sites and modern cities.  His photographs have appeared in gallery exhibitions, in national magazines and newspapers, in most all the local press, and in hundreds of private collections.  He produces large-format Gicleé photographs and digital audio recordings.  Currently, he is touring two multimedia exhibitions:  "Life on the Edge--Eco-conscience" and “Holy Lands, Journeys of a Pilgrim Artist”.

Present—2009 Adjunct Instructor of Digital Photography at the Art Institute of Indianapolis.  Awarded Part-time/Adjunct Faculty of the Quarter, Fall 2011